Darts Master 2 is the ultimate darts practice tool. Play against real or simulated opponents in the most realistic darts simulator on the Android market!

And here's why:

X01 mode (classic)

Play against the computer or your friends in X01 mode. View your highest outs, three dart average, checkout percent and many more. You can also choose from a bunch of game otions allowing you to play up 9 sets, 9 legs with a custom leg score of up to 9999. There's also a double in option too!

New: Configurable one touch score buttons. You can set up to 6 common score buttons, in one touch your score is submitted saving you time.

Cricket mode

Cricket mode now available! After many requests, you can now play Cricket! The idea of this game is to 'Open' your numbers by hitting the specified number 3 times. Doubles count as 2 hits and trebles as 3. When you open your number you can begin scoring. Once open, any hits gives you the score value of that number. You can carry on scoring on this number until your opponent 'Opens' the same number. Once both players/teams have this number 'Open' it then becomes 'Closed' and is removed from the game. The first player to open all their numbers with the highest score wins!

Round The Clock

In Round The Clock you have to hit a list of targets in sequence. Once you hit the target, you move to the next target until the sequence is complete. Darts Master 2 allows you to create your own unlimited custom sequence, specified any number and any bed!


Graphs are a great way to track progress and Darts Master 2 has them in abundance. Each game mode has a win/loss graph and some game modes have many more, for example X01 graphs showing your checkout average and three dart average for every single match you've played. A great way to see how you've improved, and what can be improved on.


Darts Master 2 allows you to create your own tournaments. You can challenge multiple sets of teams or players, one after the other. Simply select your player or team and an opposing team. Once that player or team is defeated, roll on the next match! See how far you can get!

Tournaments can be played in any game mode so what are you waiting for?

Create computer players

With the ability to create your own computer players, you can craft an opponent to your exact difficulty level. Fancy a challenge? Just tweak their stats. Too hard? Drop the stats, it's that easy. You can create as many computer players as you want and each player keeps their own sets of statistics! You can also add a profile picture too!


You can now create teams! Assign any number of players to a team and take part in team games. Each team has their own set of statistics.

You can also mix and match a team with human and computer players, at least then if you lose you can blame the computer players!


Every player and every team carries their own statistics, from their wins/losses across all games to their three dart averages and checkout percents. View sets won/lost, legs won/lost, per opponent win/loss stats (great for seeing who beats you the most, and who you beat the most) and many other great stats. Most stats can be portrayed in a graph too.

You get a different set of statistics per game mode.

Master level opponents

9 computer players are available to play, all increasing in difficulty until Master level (100+ three dart average). Can you got what it takes to beat the best of the best? I hope so - but bear in mind, the computer has and can throw a 9 dart leg so be warned!

Human players

You can create as many human players as you like, each with their own individual statistics. Multiple human players can also belong to part of a team. You can play human vs human and human vs computer and team games with computers players battling it out between them. This allows you and your friends to each record their own statistics and compare graphs for blagging rights! Every win or loss against an opponent is stored too.

Darts Master 2 is clever

The computer has it's own artificial intelligence for every game mode and each game is different. In X01, the computer may decide to take out 80 hitting double top, double top, another opponent may choose the treble 16, double 16 route. It will also intelligently leave itself on the best outs.

It's also realistic too. The better the skilled players, the closer to the targets the computer will hit. For example, if the computer aims for a single 20 and misses, the higher skilled players are more likely to hit either side of the 20 (5 or 1), a lesser skilled player may miss entirely. It's all configurable in Darts Master 2.


Being able to provide suggestions, changes and questions is crucial in developing a great app. That's why it's easy for you to provide me feedback from within the app. I have added many features thanks to your suggestions so keep them coming!